GIGA is an international organization assessing the health performance of buildings. It combines the development of building standards with cloud software to increase the accessibility of healthy buildings globally. Real-time analytics are used to cost-effectively benchmark projects against the RESET Standard as well as other international standards.

GIGA’s assessment infrastructure and metrics are used by hundreds of companies to track and communicate the health performance of their assets, be it for tenant acquisition, talent retention or to optimize the risk/return profile of real-estate investments.

For more information on RESET, see www.reset.build.

Origin connects the world’s material databases. It is a Hub through which building material data flows from auditors and suppliers to project teams. Origin connects directly to auditor and supplier data, capturing digitized material information. Test results, performance data, images and documentation flow from auditors and suppliers thru Origin to public and private digital material libraries, design software and project calculators. Thru Origin, material information becomes a useable throughout the design and construction process.

Our mission is to foster the growth of living data, data which can be leveraged by software to streamline the design and construction process and support performance-driven design.

For more information, see www.origin.build.

ORIGIN integrates with MATTER material management software, directly connecting material data to project workflows. MATTER software completely redefines how material knowledge is tracked, from design through construction, enabling design teams to build material intelligence with each project. This provides value by reducing time spent managing materials, and reducing costly repetitions and mistakes. Most importantly, it increases what has become the most valuable asset for design firms: knowledge.

MATTER's unique features enable project teams to optimize material searches, create material documentation, and collaborate in real-­time. With MATTER it's easy to maintain brand and construction standards while managing new store, office or hotel projects or retrofits anywhere in the world.

For more information, see www.matter.build.

Qlear is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for sensor and building monitoring companies, mechanical systems, property developers and green / healthy building certification systems. Qlear integrates the best in the industry to bring building data to life.

For more information, see www.qlear.build.

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