Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Below are the questions we are most often asked. If you don't find what you're looking for, Contact Us or give us Feedback.

GIGA is a professional network for the design community. At a basic level, we provide an ecosystem for manufacturers to comprehensively communicate their materials to designers making it easy for designers to select the right building materials for their specific project needs. We believe product design and architecture can be regenerative. We work with a community of Designers, Manufacturers, Developers and Consumers to collect, develop, and share knowledge and solutions to make regenerative design both possible and scalable.

GIGA is primarily used by Developers, Architects, Designers and Manufacturers.

Developers, Architects and Designers use GIGA to save time and improve the quality of their work. Designers leverage GIGA's freely available tools and information to find, discuss, and select materials, services and design solutions. GIGA is free to join, create an account today.

Manufacturers use GIGA to highlight their brand's knowledge and capabilities to build their professional network and sales pipelines.

Unlike most listings, GIGA is interactive, allowing Members to directly engage with Users to build a network of followers and advocates. GIGA is also supported by numbers design partners who build their projects from start to finish using GIGA's tools and resources. These Partners trust GIGA to help evaluate their material needs and make recommendations allowing us to provide extremely qualified leads to our Members.

GIGA Rankings are impartial and transparent. GIGA does not test materials, this work is conducted by vetted, independent 3rd party auditors. Our Research Team works with auditors and Manufacturers to verify claims by tracing them back to the certifications and test reports that support them. Our findings are linked to a Material's profile and can be freely viewed by any user.

GIGA is not a Certification, GIGA is a ranking. We leverage certifications, technical information and performance data to rank materials based on environmental impact ( see our Ranking Criteria ). GIGA rankings are dynamic, they change as new materials enter the GIGA database or when manufacturers provide more information about their posted materials. Our industry is constantly changing; GIGA enables designers to work dynamically to find and specify the right materials for their ever-changing project needs. To see if your Certification applies, Contact us.

MNI (Minimizes Negative Impact): MNI strategies recognize the need for damage control - to reduce the amount of harm we inflict on our ecosystem. Reducing carbon, waste, toxicity, and energy consumption are all MNI strategies that are essential in buying us more time to develop regenerative solutions.

RESETTM(Regenerative Ecological Social & Economic Targets): RESETTMstrategies recognize the need to regenerate our ecosystem so it can evolve and thrive. Our air, water and soil are depleted and toxic. Reducing our impact only delays the inevitable: the collapse of an ecosystem capable of supporting human life.

RESETTMacknowledges the need to create solutions that regenerate our air, water, and soil so we (humans) can thrive.

Every project has unique requirements and every material has unique benefits. GIGA operates to help designers select the right material for the right application. Designers can easily filter Materials according to their unique requirements (performance, lead time, price, safety, etc.). When your material is the best match for a designer's project needs, he or she will find it.

When Manufacturers have achieved the same Certifications this is the perfect opportunity for one of them to get ahead by pioneering a new solution and setting the bar higher for the entire industry. Our team is here to help you evaluate which are the best new problems to tackle considering both which are feasible and which will create the largest impact within your industry. Contact us if you're interested to set the bar higher for your industry.

Our aim is to highlight the achievements of manufacturers while duplicating as little work as possible. For this reason, we already accept several internationally recognized certifications. Certifications that are not recognized by GIGA can be submitted to GIGA to evaluate equivalencies. Submitted Certifications are reviewed by vetted, independent 3rd Party auditors who determine if they are equivalent to established RESETTMCriteria requirements.

GIGA does not test materials. We recognize the conflict of interest this could cause and have partnered with vetted, independent 3rd party auditors who impartially execute all audits and tests. An approved list of auditors can be provided to Manufacturers and Distributors who are interested in verifying their claims.

Any registered User can invite up to 10 colleagues and friends to join GIGA. Simply create an account and start sending your invitations. Brand Partners can invite an unlimited number of colleagues and friends to join GIGA. Emails will be sent to invited colleagues with a direct link to GIGA's log-in system.

Designers can invite Manufacturers to provide more information about their materials by using the "Ping" function. To Ping a material, simply click the "Ping Manufacturer" button that appears in the header of every material detail page.

Designers can also invite Manufacturers to submit new materials to GIGA by selecting: "Submit Material for Review" from the "Me" menu. Using this feature will send an email to Manufacturers inviting them to submit their material to GIGA.

Members can upload unlimited files to their Materials, though there is an individual file size limit of 10MB. Files above this size will not be uploaded.

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