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  • GIGA Material Challenge of 2015 Beijing - Summer Session

GIGA Material Challenge of 2015 Beijing - Summer Session

Start Date
August 22nd, 2015 10:15
End Date
August 22nd, 2015 16:00
85A, Tong lin ge Road, Xicheng district, Beijing
Material Challenge

GIGA's Material Challenge has won the unanimous support of Material Providers and Designers who have participated since the inaugural event in 2013. The event series invites industry participants to build, learn and win through interactive events that focus on discovery through hands-on experimentation. Designers race to win Material Challenges that test their skills and knowledge, while material providers share their best products with competing designers.  

GIGA Material Challenge of 2015 Beijing - Summer Session is back to the Anglican Church (the CBC site) by popular demand. Join us to test your team’s knowledge and technical expertise! 

We've sucessfully invited MillikenWilsonartVoxflor, Hunter Douglas / NBK and Antron.  Let's look forward to their Challenges!

Event Info

Date: Saturday, August 22th, 2015, 10:15-16:00, Sign-up starts at 10:15

Address: 85A, Tong lin ge Road, Xicheng district, Beijing

Metro Directions: Exit A1: Xuan Wu Men Station - Line 2, or Exit B2: Chang Chun Jie Station - Line 2

Cost: Free. 

Both individual and company are welcomed to join
Food and drinks provided throughout the event. 

How to register

1. Sign up in teams of Four. If your team has less than four, GIGA will assign other people to fill up the team.

2. Audience: Interior Designers, Architects, Develers, Builders, etc. Both Individuals and companies are welcome to join.

3. Oneline registration is required: www.gigabase.org/mc

Space is limited, first come, first served. 

How to Compete

1. Get your team number when signing up on the day of the event. (please arrive on time)

2. 20 Teams of Designers will be competing. Each team completes participating Brand's Tasks one at a time. 

3. Any tools required will be provided. Each team has 30 minutes to finish each task.

4. The highest score for each task is 100. The team with highest total score wins the GIGA Material Challenge.

5. Tasks and scoring criteria will be given on the day of the event.

Win Extra Points (NEW!)

The Material Challenge is a knowledge and team building activity. Your team can earn bonus points by: 

1.  Earn 2 bonus points if all team members wear matching outfits with a unifying theme.

2.  Earn 2 bonus points if your team is comprised entirely of designers, engineers, specifiers and librarians, or project managers. (example: interior design, architectural design, technical services, structural, mechanical, or project management).

3. Earn 2 bonus points if your team includes a material librarian, lead designer, or a director. 

* Don’t forget your Name cards, they’re required to qualify for bonus points 2 and 3. 

Why GIGA Material Challenge?

- Discover the full potential of building materials.

- Experiment with the most innovative Green products.

- Collaborate with colleagues to compete, learn and have fun. 

- Meet likeminded industry professionals. 

- Win Prizes (Grand Prize is iwatch sport).

Schedule (April 18th, Saturday)

10:15-10:45: Sign up (Please come on time, we will assign team number then)

10:45-11:15: Welcome address

11:20-11:50: Material Challenge Round 1

12:00-12:30: Material Challenge Round 2

12:30-13:20: Lunch

13:20-13:50: Material Challenge Round 3

14:00-14:30: Material Challenge Round 4

14:40-15:10: Material Challenge Round 5

15:10-15:40:  Networking

15:40: Awards

Know your building materials and create better designs! 

Photos of past events
- April 18th, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/en/mc#events/8/gallery

- October 25th, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/6/gallery

- September 20, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/5/gallery

- July 12th, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/3/gallery

- June 21th, Shanghai: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/1/gallery

- March 1st, 2014, Beijing: http://www.gigabase.org/mc#events/4/gallery

Video of past events

- June 21, 2014, Shanghaihttp://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzMxODk2MTk2.html


GIGA & GIGA Material Challenge

GIGA is a building and material think tank with locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Montreal. One of GIGA's aims is to research cutting-edge materials and highlight innovative products. We introduced GIGA Material Challenge as a way for designers and architects to experiment with materials in the truest sense; with "hands on" activities. Custom designed by suppliers, Material Challenges are fun, showing the unique properties and features of materials and build designers’ expertise. 

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