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  • How Can We Realize the Dream of Healthy Buildings?

How Can We Realize the Dream of Healthy Buildings?

Start Date
November 24th, 2015 18:00
End Date
November 24th, 2015 21:15
Arup Associates, 37F, 1045 Huaihai Middle Road, Near Xiangyang Road, Shanghai
GreenInitiatives, ARUP
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We’ve long believed that “our body is a temple,” but when do we start to treat our “temples” as bodies?

It’s becoming more the case that the spaces we occupy are no longer static containers, but systems that must react with us just as we react to them. Even slight changes in our surroundings, be it temperature or indoor air quality, can have drastic effects on our mental, physical or emotional well-being. And while these effects can be subtle and subconscious, it encourages architects to direct their consciousness to designing buildings that account for their inhabitants.

Pioneering workplaces around the globe have turned to workplace design experts to maximize their employees’ well-being and, in turn, their companies’ productivity and success. These same healthy design principles can be applied anywhere, from the office and home, to the schoolroom and public spaces of all kinds. Foresighted urban planners are even looking to implement healthy design on large scales in order to build healthier, happier cities. This forum will discuss the personal impact of the spaces we inhabit, and the responsibilities of architects designing buildings that work with our bodies.

How do people react unconsciously to our spaces? How do architects design space to increase well-being? How can we know what materials to use and what materials to avoid? What can individuals do to increase their own well-being in their homes and workplaces? How can the strategies of healthy interior design translate into urban planning?

Note: There will be an entrance fee of ¥30 for all registered guests, that includes soft drinks, juice and beer. ¥50 for non-registered guests. Free entrance for students and interns, with PRIOR REGISTRATION.

RSVP / 报名请发送邮件至:info@greeninitiatives.cn

Event Schedule: 

  • 18.00 – 19.00: Registration and networking
  • 19.00 – 20.00: Speaker Presentations
    (2-3 speakers for a max. of 15-20min each, incl. a 5-minute Q&A slot between each presentation - asked by the moderator or other speakers)
  • 20.00 – 20.30: Q&A session open to the audience
  • 20.30 – 20.45: Break into small networking groups with the speakers
  • 20:45 – 21:15: Drinks and networking 


Emmanuel Benbihy
Subject: Emmanuel will talk about how media can be, and should absolutely be used to raise people's awareness on issues in cities and engage them into changing their cities for the better.
Background: Emmanuel Benbihy has worked in London, New York and Los Angeles before went back to France in 1994 and spent over a year working on his passion subject: the co-development of European and Asian cinema. This period of reflection was decisive: cinema should serve diversity and peace. He chose his profession: producing films around the world.
Although the adventure began much earlier, the production of Paris, je t’aime started in July 2005 and the film ended up opening the Cannes Film Festival 2006, while enjoying tremendous success worldwide. The first episode of the Cities of Love series convinced Emmanuel that the adventure should move forward on other continents, in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai. Emmanuel has been living in China since July 2009. He is currently structuring an international network of non-profit social enterprises whose purpose will be to launch City, I Love You initiatives doing good for cities, doing good for people and doing more with less.

Raefer Wallis
Subject: Raefer's presentation will talk about how buildings can communicate, and how, once they do so, have the capability of maintaining and providing healthier environments to its occupants.
Background: Raefer Wallis is the Founder and CEO of GIGA, as well as the Principal of A00 Architecture. Bridging the gap between IT, material science and the built environment, his software is used by the world’s largest developers and design firms while being designed to accelerate environmental regeneration. Recipient of numerous awards for design and design sustainability, he lectures extensively both in China and Internationally. He received his masters degree in Architecture at McGill University in Montreal, Canada prior to setting up his Shanghai practice in 2004.

Arup Shanghai is a partner in Green Initiatives' Fiber Project. In case any of our attendees have clothing that they would like to discard/recycle, they are free to bring them to Arup and deposit it in the bin at the venue.

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