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  • Energy Efficient
  • EA-1 Optimize Energy Performance
  • MR-5 Regional Materials
  • IEQ-7.1 Thermal Comfort
  • IEQ-8.1 Daylight and Views
  • ID-1 Innoviation in Design
  • RP-1.1 Regional Priority Credits (RP)
  • LS-11 Noise Control
  • ES-10 80% Energy Consumption Reduction
  • MS-3 Regional Materials
  • MS-10 Low Impact Structure
  • IEQ-2 Daylighting Requirement
  • IEQ-3 Noise Insulation and Control
  • IEQ-6 Views
  • IEQ-7 Moisture Control
  • IEQ-8 Envelope Thermal Performance
  • LS-6 Site Noise
  • ES-1 Thermal Performance of Building Envelope
  • ES-6 Design for optimal daylighting and ventilation
  • ES-7 Operable Exterior Windows
  • ES-8 Window Air Tightness
  • ES-13 Energy Efficient Equipment and Systems
  • ES-16 80% Energy Consumption Reduction
  • MS-3 Regional Materials
  • IEQ-1 Indoor Comfort
  • IEQ-2 Moisture and Mold Control
  • IEQ-5 Noise Insulation and Control
  • IEQ-6 Natural Venitlation
  • IEQ-9 Sound Insulation (Hospitality)
  • IEQ-10 Noise Reduction
  • IEQ-11 Daylighting Coefficient
  • IEQ-12 Accessibility
  • IEQ-15 Daylighting


V3E is an extremely high-performance glazing system. It excels at thermal performance, noise reduction, UV blockage (100%) and condensation reduction. It features a patented pressure equalization system that prevents the glass from distorting under thermal stress and prevents premature seal failure. The U-Value varies between 1.06 and 1.8 Wm-2K-1, including the frame.

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RESET™ Ranking Criteria:


C = +1B = +2A = +3
R1 = +5R2 = +6R3 = +7


P16 Social enhancement

Social Enhancement Program

Summary: This criterion recognizes factories which support the communities who support them. To qualify, manufacturers must execute and document social enhancement programs.(View Criteria)
  • Auditor Organization:EnLighten NGO
  • Audit type:Third Party Audited
  • Audit No: Not Applicable
  • Audit Result: EnLighten is being set-up by EnVision as a non profit making organization to provide education on the negative effects of burning fossil fuel and generating carbon emissions, together with ideas for reducing this activity.
  • Date Awarded: 2013-11-11
  • Valid Until: 2014-11-11
  • Documented By: GIGA


U5 Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Summary: Materials that require energy to operate are ranked based on their energy usage rating (energy used per unit time).(View Criteria)
  • Auditor Organization:Product Intro
  • Audit type:Self Reported
  • Audit No: Not Applicable
  • Audit Result: The thermal transmittance of Visionwall 3 Element is 1.41 W/m2.K
  • Date Awarded: 2013-11-11
  • Valid Until: 2014-11-11
  • Documented By: GIGA

SCORING SUMMARY: 0 RESET™ + 2 MNI Points = 2 Total Points

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