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  • Energy Efficient
  • IEQ-7.1 Thermal Comfort
  • IEQ-8.1 Daylight and Views
  • ES-4 Design for ventilation and day-lighting
  • IEQ-9 Indoor Temperature Control
  • ES-6 Design for optimal daylighting and ventilation
  • IEQ-15 Daylighting


Somfy Glydea motors are especially used in curtains. Curtains are the most prevalent solution for dressing and covering windows in residential and hotels. An infinite variety of curtains are available according to various needs, which are most commonly shading (thick curtains, dark / black out) and ensuring privacy (sheer materials). Very often, two types of curtains are overlaid in order to obtain both results. They can also be overlapped with roller blinds or Venetian Blinds operating by separate motors.

The unique design with motor and belt reduce operation noise. Smart design makes you either hide the motors behind the curtain or upper in the ceiling completely invisible. "Manual Release" feature prevents tearing. "Touch Motion feature" starts the motor by pulling on the curtain. End limits can be set to avoid stop noise. Clutch release technology ensures manual operation without motor power. Patent Lyrease clutch technology prevents curtains rebounding when motor stopped by an obstacle.

Control options: wired or/and IR.

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C = +1B = +2A = +3
R1 = +5R2 = +6R3 = +7


U5 Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Summary: Materials that require energy to operate are ranked based on their energy usage rating (energy used per unit time).(View Criteria)
  • Auditor Organization:IES Analysis Software
  • Audit type:Third Party Audited
  • Audit No: Not Applicable
  • Audit Result: Compared with the building has no shading, the energy saving rate of inside shading method is 26.1%, external shading is 44.6%, adjustable external shading is 59.6%.
  • Date Awarded: 2013-03-07
  • Valid Until: 2014-03-07
  • Documented By: GIGA

SCORING SUMMARY: 0 RESET™ + 3 MNI Points = 3 Total Points

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