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Guangzhou Antas Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of architectural paint and sealants. Antas 602 Water-based Fluorocarbon Coating is mainly made from water-based fluorocarbon resin. Water is used to produce the product instead of solvents. As a general rule, water-based paints are typically less harmful to human health as compared to traditional solvent-based paints. Water-based Fluorocarbon Coating has a long lifespan compared to the average coating, because it has a strong and stable chemical bond. Antas 602 Water-based Fluorocarbon Coating is backed by a 20-year warranty and it is suitable for projects with high durability demands, including humid coastal areas. Raw material composition and performance test reports must be submitted to confirm the ecological impact and performance of this product. This ranking conservatively considers materials and their impacts until further information is submitted.


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