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Evac designs, manufactures and markets environmental friendly waste and wastewater collection and treatment solutions for building industry:

  • The wastewater collection in using Vacuum technology.

  • Thanks to use the vacuum toilet, the water consumption reduced by 80%

  • 100% Chemical FREE for water treatment solutions by EVAC MBR (membrane bioreactor technology)

Unbeaten Evac benefits :

  • Environmentally friendly As conventional toilet consumes seven litres of water every time it is flushed the Evac toilet uses just over one litre of water per flush.

  • Maximum Freedom Evac gives the building designer complete freedom from the restrictions of gravity fed pumping. Bathrooms and toilets do not need to be tied into a services core but can be located where they best suit the design.

  • Savings in Costs and TimeOne of the main benefits of installing an Evac system is the real cost savings that can be made. The time required to design and install an Evac system is significantly shorter than the time needed for traditional gravity systems. This reduces on site costs and helps meet construction deadlines.

Vacuum Drainage System:

  • The vacuum system is independent of gravity. The sewage is transported by air pressure instead of water and gravity. Water is used only for rinsing the bowl, not for transporting the waste. A vacuum system can also lift the waste vertically.

  • The Evac wastewater handling solution is a closed system, which consists of vacuum toilets, vacuum interface units, vacuum piping, vacuum collection tanks and wastewater treatment plants. The solution is based on vacuum, not gravity, which makes it possible to flush the waste horizontally or even vertically into overhead piping and, if needed, also around obstacles.

Evac MBR

  • The Evac membrane bioreactor-MBR system is based on proven, very low maintenance membrane bioreactor technology, which is capable of filtering out particles as small as viruses. Thus, the water is reusable. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for retrofitting to existing buildings as well as for installing in new ones.


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