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Fluid-Applied Waterproofing
55-80 RMB/kg
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Canada, China

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Kryton's Krystol T1 (KT1) is a permeable crystalline material that is produced using Krystol® patented production technology. KT1 is used as a surface coat and is brushed onto the surface of concrete or other cement-based materials. Note that, KT1 should be used together with KT2, a similar Kryton product. It can be used as a substitute for conventional film/layer waterproofing systems. When applied to cement-based surfaces, KT1 permeates into the concrete through pores, preventing the moisture from penetrating. The performance of waterproofing will be enhanced with time as water continues to react with KT1. Krystol® products meet NSF limits of heavy metals and they are permissible to contact potable water. Maintenance is required to keep KIM serviceable. Note that, Kryton KT1 should be used when temperature are above 5 degrees celsius to ensure optimal performance.


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