The Villas are built on stilts in order to minimize their impact on the forest floor. The Villas themselves are built entirely out of SIP (structurally insulated panels), including the floors, walls and roof structure. The SIP panels were pre-cut in a factory thereby minimizing waste and allowing the houses to be erected on site within days. The houses are highly insulated and equipped with double-glazed windows, fresh air systems and HRV units in order minimize energy consumption. The houses are also equipped with monitoring systems that allow guests to track their energy consumption with the added advantage of having their room rates reduced if their energy use is below average. Finally, the treetop Villas were designed and built to meet the requirements for LEED platinum.
Ecologically and economically the Treetop Villas were cleverly designed to maximize usage. With the common spaces on the upper level and the bedrooms on the lower level, a separate entrance was included in order to lead guests directly to the bedroom level. In this way, rather than sit empty in the absence of guests willing to rent the entire house, the top floor can be isolated and the bedrooms can be booked individually, thereby increasing the occupancy and use of the houses.

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