The basic idea of YNBY Industrial Park is to provide possibility of future extension for the sustainable office buidling and factories. From the view of public effect, the design must have both visual attraction and educational insight. The newly-developed buildings have to reflect the entreprise philosophy of Yunnan Baiyao. That’s how the design focuses on how to present the city of flower of Yunnan Province.

This also means that this project is different from traditional factory design. The site is designed to be an urban oasis with herbal garden, landscape and wetland. The site is composed of hills and plain. The landscape on the green roofs dissolves into the whole landscape design. Besides the green envelope, the building is also green from inside To outside. The plantation on the roof collects rain water and the grey water produced on site can be filtered in the wetland. The buildings are overlapped with each other to maximize the use of land. This efficient and flexible design method reserves enough land for future extension.

Project Team:

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