Spain Madrid Pavilion locates in the Urban Best Practice Area of 2010 Shanghai Expo, it is a replication of the Bamboo House in Spain's capital Madrid as the public low-rent house. It is nearly 3000 sam with four layers.

The Bamboo House is a five-story residence in southern Madrid, as one of the largest social housing projects in Europe planned and executed by Madrid Government. The Bamboo House shows its superiority in terms of new environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy, and advanced ecological technologies.

Achieved Affects and Impact
Three sides of the pavilion are covered with thin fire-proof bamboo skin instead of glass windows. Two upper and lower bamboo sheets are adjoined by frame on every layer. Each balcony of unit has a window made from bamboo, which can both proof the sunlight and create a private space. Raw material of bamboo are selected in local place, which is eco with low cost after the treatment of fire proof, anticorrosion, moisture proof process.The bamboo skin is flexible enough to open and emerge in the sunshine, which provides continuously changing light and shadow affects of the outer facade. It can not only create an original eco atmosphere, but also adjust the light intensity, insulate heat and cold air flow and regulate the interior temperature, in order to make people feel comfortable without using air conditioner. Moreover, it is with functions like ventilation, soundproofing. Adapting to the typical climate condition of Shanghai, the north facade has been changed by using curtain wall in order to absorb sufficient sunlight.

Strategy to be used for application
1. Use ecological and easy acquiring materials.
Bamboo grows and propagates rapidly. it is with natural, accessible, eco-friendly characters that will neither be infested by insects nor be decayed or polluted by pesticide and chemical fertilizer during the growing process.

2. Use local materials.
It can reduce the cost of labor and transportation, so as to minimize the carbon emission.

3. Use materials easy to be installed.
The structure of bamboo is suitable for installation and disassemble repeatedly, which can be used as the temporary settlement housing for exhibition or reconstruction after disaster.

4. Strategies should be taken to meet the typical climate conditions.
It is not recommended to follow the previous successful case completely. Since the sunlight intensity in Shanghai is weaker than Madrid, glass curtain wall is used on the north facade of the bamboo housing in order to absorb more sunlight.

5. Combine eco concept with design skills and high technology in order to create an eco building and rooftop garden, with energy and water efficiency functions.

6. Increase the life quality and experience of residents.
Meet different demands of residents by developing low cost and customized public low-rent housing instead of sole patternize shaped building which represents poor and cheap life style.

Improve the case study to be more regenerative
Explore the modularization in this project, in other to extend the applicability of the bamboo facades. According to calculation, this bamboo should be replaced every 8 years. How to reuse or handle this throw-out materiel should be take into consideration.

Project Team:

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