Jintao is one of the village units of Dayu village in Malu, Jiading, Shanghai. The village is surrounded by rivers and bamboos.

The Jintao Village Recreation Room is entirely designed according to the site context. Since the environment has the spatial quality of openness and aggregation, we designed a hexagonal ring building for the village residence to rest, communicate and have recreation activities. There are three interior contain a recreation room, a teahouse, and a stage facing the grain-sunny ground; The other three semi-outdoor spaces face to different sceneries: the concrete bridge to the northwest, the river cross to the southwest, and the little stone bridge to the southeast.

These six spaces are defined by six radial bearing walls, and at the center of the building has a courtyard which serves as both the spatial center and the destination of drainage from the roof. A small tree will be there, to document the history of the building and the village.

Source: Scenic Architecture
Image: Scenic Architecture


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