As a promotion of concrete, a new experimental house was built in the German village, Sittensen, between Hamburg and Bremen. The concept of the project was formed according to the wishes of the readers of the German magazine, 'Schöner Wohnen'. In terms of materials, Litracon Bt. was asked to produce an interior wall made of white Litracon™ blocks as an internal partition between the corridor and the bathroom.

What has been done and why is it significant?
Wenn Kinder und Eltern ihr Geld zusammenlegen, sichern sie gemeinsam ihre nahe und ferne Zukunft. Auch und vor allem, was die Nebenkosten betrifft: Das SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Generationenhaus ist so konstruiert, dass es mit maximal 40 kW/h pro Quadratmeter und Jahr für Heizung und Strom allenfalls Kosten von 50 bis 80 Euro im Monat verursacht. Die Dächer massiv (Leichtbeton plus Faserplatten) gebaut, Solartechnik und Regenwasser werden die laufenden Kosten mindern, der Keller wird Wohnqualität haben und nie feuchte Wände bekommen, und Kabelkanäle werden jederzeit das Nachrüsten erlauben - die Zukunft kann kommen!

What has been achieved; what is the measurable impact?
An die technische Ausstattung werden sowohl ökologische wie moderne Ansprüche gestellt: Zwei Drittel (67 Prozent) wünschen sich Netzwerkanschlüsse in jedem Wohnraum, über 80 Prozent möchten von regenerativer Energie beheizt werden, und 73 Prozent finden die Nutzung von Regenwasser gut. Nur 10 Prozent finden Treppenlifte attraktiv, auch sensorgesteuerte Lüftungssysteme sind nur 16 Prozent wichtig.
Beim Einrichten halten sich der "persönlich gewachsene" und ein heller, moderner Wohnstil (43 Prozent/40 Prozent) die Waage, wohingegen Holz mit 45 Prozent klarer Boden-Favorit ist. An dritter Stelle (30 Prozent) rangieren Naturholzmöbel und warme Farben. Out sind dunkle Hölzer, gedeckte Farben, schwarzes Leder und rustikale Bauernstuben (3 Prozent).
Der Auftrag an SCHÖNER WOHNEN und die Zementindustrie hieß: moderne, transparente, lebendige und sinnliche Architektur. Das Haus fürs Leben besteht aus zwei nebeneinander stehenden Körpern, die zum Garten hin zu 80 Prozent verglast sind. Das innen wahlweise offene Dach aus massiven Betonfertigteilen sorgt für ein angenehmes Raumklima, genau wie die Leichtbetonwände, die außen zusätzlich gedämmt und innen tapezierfertig sind. Die Fenster bestehen aus Isolierverglasung, die Luftbalken und -rahmen sind aus Beton.
1Warm: Das Dach ist rundum massiv aus Beton.2Leicht: Die Wände sind aus Leichtbeton.3Hell: Die Fenster fangen im Winter Wärme ein.4Elegant: Luftbalken steigern den gefühlten Raum.

The mission of NICE LIVING and the cement industry was: modern, transparent, vibrant and sensuous architecture.The house is a lifetime of two adjacent bodies, which are glazed to the garden to 80 percent.The choice of interior open roof of massive concrete elements makes for a pleasant indoor climate, as the lightweight concrete walls, additional insulation on the outside and inside are ready for papering.The windows have double glazing, the air bars and frames are made of concrete.
1The roof is completely made of solid concrete.2 The walls are made of lightweight concrete.3: The windows can absorb heat in the winter.4: Air beams increase the perceived space.

Beim Einrichten halten sich der "persönlich gewachsene" und ein heller, moderner Wohnstil (43 Prozent/40 Prozent) die Waage, wohingegen Holz mit 45 Prozent klarer Boden-Favorit ist. An dritter Stelle (30 Prozent) rangieren Naturholzmöbel und warme Farben. Out sind dunkle Hölzer, gedeckte Farben, schwarzes Leder und rustikale Bauernstuben (3 Prozent).
When you set up to keep the "personally developed" and a bright, modern style of living (43%Prozent/40) the scale is over 45 % of wood with a clear floor favorite. The third rank natural wood furniture (30 %) and warm colors express the in side . The outside are dark woods, muted colors, black leather and rustic farmhouse rooms (3 %).

Critical material:
Our team focus on the Light Concrete. The embedded-glass fibres lead light by points between the two sides of the blocks. Because of their parallel position, the light information on the brighter side of the wall (usually the exterior wall) appears unchanged. However, the darker side of the wall highlights a sharp display of shadows on the other side of the wall. When a solid wall is imbued with the ability to transmit light, it means that a home can use fewer lights in their house during daylight hours. Since the insulating capacity of the wall is unchanged, the result is a net energy gain.Due to the small size of the fibres, they blend into concrete becoming a component of the material like small pieces of aggregate. In this manner, the result is not only two materials - glass in concrete - mixed, but a third, new material, which is homogeneous in its inner structure and on its main surfaces as well.
Litracon® is a fully handmade product which results an exceptional and individual pattern of light in each piece.The patent protected Litracon pXL® products present the phenomenon of light transmitting concrete in the form of widely applicable new building materials.
TECHNICAL DATA Form:prefabricated panels with reinforcementIngredients:96% concrete4% PMMADensity:2100-2400 kg/m³Finish:polished, molded, washedPANEL SIZESAvailable thicknesses:40mm and 60mmMaximum panel size with 40mm thickness:1200 x 600mmMaximum panel size with 60mm thickness:3600 x 1200mm
White /Gray/Black

Transparency: The gable front to the garden is almost entirely glazed.
Full of lightness: The ground floor is almost inside türlos.
Large windows provide plenty of brightness.
To the clear appearance fit the fine-strength profiles.
Ground floor
The glass staircase shows concrete homogeneity and vitality.
The kitchen counter can be visually obscured by a sliding wall made of lightweight concrete.
Green mosaic tiles lend this guest bathroom on the ground floor.
Upstairs there are built-in cupboards with doors from Eichefunier.
A small basin of concrete and wood veneers from Eichefunier decorate a small bathroom.
Decorative glass sheets sprawls across the walls in the large spa.
The counter in the kitchen has a countertop made of concrete.
For the sliding door made of lightweight concrete is a rail inserted into the stalls.
With a glass sliding door closes to the large bathroom.
The cabinets are built with stainless steel handles provide simple.
The underfloor heating is controlled by a wireless thermostat.
Awning windows: aluminum windows with wood-slim profiles.

What strategies and insights can be used universally and/or situationally?
A vision in this project , the creation of a house that is designed to fit the lifestyle of its inhabitants. They make the passions and hobbies of their prospective home owners the guiding themes of the basic plans which they create.Living has become as dynamic as the times in which they live.Solidly built, but nevertheless providing the possibilities for alteration or extension are some of the most important demands they meet.

Project Team:

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