This eye-catching pixelated complex acts as both an office and a restaurant located in the new Economic Development Zone in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. Designed by SAKO Architects, the buildings have become a distinct landmark in the area. The simple block shapes are accented with their patchwork exteriors and the interiors are airy and bright. Natural daylighting and ventilation help both the CUBE and the TUBE buildings reduce their energy load.

The ‘CUBE’ building is a square 32 meter office tower, while ‘TUBE’ is a 55 meter long restaurant. Most buildings in the area are based on the Tei Kanmuri style, but the client wanted a landmark building that would contrast the traditional style. The client requested that the office tower had individual working areas and that daylight reach the inner core of the building. The first request was not difficult, but the second took some additional planning in order to maintain the cube shape.

To achieve the request, SAKO Architects decided on a scheme to hollow out the center part of the building with a series of cross-shaped corridors. These corridors connect to a terrace on each side of the building. This configuration allows light to enter the building from all sides and for cross ventilation to help cool the interior. In addition, the terraces and the randomly placed windows help break up the block building and lessen the effect of the square. The 10 story building is clad with a highly polished stainless steel punctuated with glass, while the restaurant features a patchwork grey, black and transparent glass facade.

Source: SAKO Architects

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