General Description
The Green School Project is located in the Anting New Town, which features as German style town in the Jiading district of Shanghai. This project was jointly initiated by econet china and Shanghai International Automobile City Real Estate Co.,Ltd in 2011. It aims to create a healthy, comfortable and eco-friendly learning environment for the students in the school. On the one hand, the operation cost will be lowered through effective management measures, on the other hand the green school helps the children to build up the awareness of energy saving. The project will be designed & built according to the DGNB certification system, which is the most scientific and reasonable German certification system for sustainable building.

Main features & benefits
The DGNB certificate system addresses many aspects of sustainability: ecological quality, economic quality, socio-cultural quality and functional quality, as well as the processes of design, implementation and site quality etc. Comprehensive green technologies will be applied into the project including EIFS, high efficient windows, exterior sun-shading, natural ventilation combined with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, radiant heating & cooling and so on.

Furthermore, the selection of building materials will fully consider the ecological factors. All in all, all stages of the project including design, construction, operation and possible demolition will achieve an optimal result. The holistic design and office system will meet the highest ecological standards. The application of the green technologies will comprehensively consider the economic factors to achieve resource efficiency, environment optimization, comfort improvement and life cycle cost reduction.

Hence this will be the first project combining education and functionality, and hopefully will be a significant Sino-German pilot project to facilitate the sustainable development of educational buildings in China.

Source: Eco net
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