A00 Architecture undertook this project seeing as it contained a number of interesting challenges. Public notaries are typically designed to be functional and affordable. Occupant health and inspirational design are rarely ever considerations. A00 set out to explore how many of the following goals could be achieved.

- Occupant health
- Inspiration and Biophilia
- Low energy use
- Affordability

Occupant Health:
Priority on creating an indoor environment that is oxygen rich, where chemical pollutants and airborne particulates are well below allowable limits, through the use of daylight, plants, fresh air exchangers, low / no VOC materials and pollutant absorbing materials.
Moreover, Public Notaries are often environments of high stress and consequently can be quite loud. The design mitigates this by using materials that absorb sound, as well as connecting all the public areas to the outdoors (see below).

Inspiration and Biophilia:
In order to create a memorable office while helping to lower stress levels, the design prioritized connectivity to the outdoors. In fact, the main feature of the reception space is an internal layer of plants and a view of the outdoors that spans the entire reception as well as the hallways. The meeting rooms are setback from the light & plant filled hallways and separated by floor to ceiling glass, allowing the daylight to filter into these spaces as well.

Low energy use
The focus on natural day-lighting and views for all spaces obviously also helps reduce the energy loads required by artificial lighting. Moreover, all lighting within the project is LED. Finally, the extensive use of plants allows to minimize the use of the fresh air exchanger.

The visual richness of the project is provided by the outdoors - which is free. This allows the interiors to be kept simple, which then allows the budget to be spent on better, healthier materials.


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