Project Description:
Project Brief:
"The dream of bamboo on the playground " is the continuation and reconstruction of the "arts and crafts exhibition of Shangxia”, It is the playground space for migrant school which re-use materials of the exhibition
Project Origin:
Shangxia held an anniversary of its opening celebration in Sinan mansion on Sep 16, 2011.The theme of the exhibition was revival of arts and crafts. The exhibition site was made of bamboo and white pebbles laid. And the table and floor were made of native timber.
When the exhibition has not finished, the artistic director Jiang Qionger of Shangxia, began to consider "post-exhibition ". All the material in the exhibition were carefully selected, and a large part them were made workers’ hands . Because Shangxia will be creative and will not repeat itself, thus these materials difficult to be used. And these materials could not been thrown away neither been stacked in a warehouse. it is impossible to find ways to re-used them.
In mid-October, the exhibition welcomed a group of spectators, they were students of the Liouying Road Primary School Hongkou District in Shanghai, and they were the children of migrant workers. Recommended by the International Channel Shanghai, Shangxia decided to build an playground for the kids which was an environment full of artistic atmosphere for those eager to learn.
Project design:
In the bamboo walls of the exhibition were made of the bamboo roof and outdoor railings of the playground.
The wooden floor of the exhibition became the floor of the playground. The white pebbles were decorative stickers in the dado. The original outdoor bamboo was all transplanted to here.
The white tables were painted pink, light green, reduced the height for the reading tables and game tables which kids can put books or toys on it. There are no sharp corners. All lines were round and suitable for children to use. The outside floor of the playground can be used as bleachers which kids can sit, rest, chat, look at his companions play, watch the football match .The children Bamboo roof is the use of the sun on the exhibition boards and bamboo walls, it was completely natural lighting.

Project Team:

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