Total floor area (GF & UF) 745 Sq.m
Work commenced on site at the end of 2011 for what is to be a luxury beach villa on a stretch of land between the beach at Rekawa and the lagoon behind. Orientated on a North South direction, particular attention has been paid apart from the design itself to the sourcing of materials: all of the timber for roof, doors, windows, roof timbers and floor boards’ floor joists - will be reclaimed from dismantled buildings. The walls will be one of the first examples of rammed earth in Sri Lanka and the roof will be half round tiles (Sri Lankan tiles) re-used. The entire electrical design works around the notion of energy efficiency. Hence the capacity loading for electricity is based on three systems. One is standard CEB 3 phase connection, as it is available; it is to be used as a backup facility. PV system generates electricity via solar panels.
Salient features explored, - uninterrupted vistas, of the lagoon from the lagoon end, sea view through the mangroves... Cooling through a natural evaporation process of the shallow ponds around the main building, with clear paths for cross ventilation running via the centre court yard. The concept being... lagoon, garden, solid barrier, linear built form, court yard, horizontal built form, internal court yard, rear garden, beach/sea., ensuring continuous cross ventilation in any direction.


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