The Freshary is an organic ice cream and desert retailer which placed significant value on raw material sourcing. Consistent with its Brand values, the Freshary targeted building a healthy workplace and therefore targeted LEED Certification. With it's completion, the Freshary achieved LEED Gold Certification and became China's first LEED certified retail project.
Both design company (A00 Architecture) and contractor (EMCC Engineering) are China-based companies who also shared the Client's value for sustainable design. Together, A00 Architecture and EMCC Engineering have designed and built numerous green projects in and around Shanghai. This overlap in values brought these three companies together. LEED Consultant, BEE inc., was also brought in to optimize energy strategies and played a critical role in ensuring the project was ultimately LEED Certified.
Built in an extremely compact site (38sqm), the Freshary's design required efficient solutions both in terms of energy and material usage. Only qualified healthy materials were selected by the design team and LEED consultants to support the clients' goal for a healthy indoor environment. Low VOC, low urea formaldehyde resin additives, recycled content, rapidly renewable material, locally sourcing, energy saving LEED lighting, water conserving fixture, and Energy Star Equipment were prioritized when sourcing materials. According to A00 Architecture, it was difficult to find local materials which met LEED standard and more local awareness is needed for green materials and building practice.

Project Team:

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