A twisting spire of individual residences called Unit Fusion has been proposed by collaborative Y Design Office for the city of Hong Kong. Almost 2,000 customizable modular units would be stacked atop each other, suiting the needs of each inhabiting family, and each would be moveable around the tower. The plug-in housing project creates a unique neighborhood, with an emphasis on a renewed sense of community.

In regards to Hong Kong’s rising economy, Y Design Office’s solution is to build vertical communities that benefit each of a neighborhood members. The Unit Fusion vertical tower provides modular units in sizes simply ranging from XS to XL, just like clothing. Each unit is made up of individual cubic modules with 8.5 foot dimensions on each side. The apartments work by sliding the cubes together in different configurations and adjusting the sizes of the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and entry ways according to the resident’s needs.

The modules are not just prefabricated, they’re also completely mobile. Every five years, a complete unit would be moved to another zone on the tower. This move creates new social bonds, a new living experience for the residents, and a unity throughout the entire tower. The residents may experience Victoria Harbor views for one cycle, an ocean view the next, and a city view later in life. Each unit will move a total of six times throughout its estimated 30 year life cycle. The units are easily plugged back into the tower network with a plug in/out mechanical system.

Inside the buildings, a central atrium would unite the floors, creating a visual link between them while filtering in natural light from above. Sky gardens would also be accessible on each floor, and social/meeting areas would be on every five floors. The top floor would consist of an immense sky garden for all to share. Cafes, retail spaces and entertainment complexes would also be also scattered throughout the tower to create a neighborhood feel. Although only in the design phase, Unit Fusion could be the solution for integrated vertical living.

Source: Y Design
Image: Y Design

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