Hangzhou Green Building Museum, located at Hangzhou Energy and Environment Industry Park, covers an area of 1,348m2 and total building area of 4,679m2 . This project is established through the joint efforts of top specialists in the field of building energy efficiency from both home and abroad. Through the integration of architecture and environment design, intelligent enclosures and indoor environment control system, energy and equipments system, ecosystem, intelligence control system and other green building technologies, the energy conservation rate of Green Science and Technology Museum could reach 76.4%, and annual energy consumption could be 1/4 less than that of ordinary architectures of same kind. Passive ventilation system is first adopted among such buildings in China.

This project is a demonstration project with the highest integration level of building energy conservation technology in China at present and has been listed into the building energy conservation and renewable energy resources sustainable demonstration projects of the State Ministry of Construction. In 2010, it was honored as “Top Ten Energy Conservation Buildings in China”. It has won the certification of Three-star National Green Building and Pioneer Prize of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Platinum Level of USGBC.

Source: 中节能
Source: 中节能

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