The client requested to design a creative and relaxing ambience which enables culture and inspiration, along with an attentive awareness for sustainable materials. Located on the front side of Suzhou Creek in the north of Shanghai, the space is divided on three top floors of a glass tower added unusually to the side of a residential tower, defining the space already in 2 areas, the “house” represented by the traditional residential tower and the “garden” by the newly added glass winter garden. The approach to this project was not to design just another large scale office in China, but a space as nonhierarchical, playful and inspiring as the creative teams of TBWA need.

THE DIFFERENT WORKSPACES stretch out on 7th and 8th floors over ca. 1600 square meters, hosting several companies of the TBWA/China group in open spaces divided by glass partitions with sandblasted patterns. Custom designed desks give flexibility to the growing and continuously changing sizes of teams and agencies, resulting in seats for over 300 people. The open areas are interrupted by numerous breakout and meeting spaces so to invite teams of various sizes and needs to a casual and inspiring way of working together. The 9th floor which is the arrival level for guests, hosts the reception area where the two concepts flow into each other: a lobby full of greenery and bamboo blinds, bamboo flooring with a “patch of grass”, a lounge with projector screen and a wine bar. The lounge impresses through large size seating conceptually following the shapes of rivers stones and arranged with small tables, some hanging chairs and warm lighting from floor lamps with shades of natural materials. Besides 900 square meter terrace the top floor offers another section of home equally used and open for guests and staff. Also the physical balance has been thought of and a gym with runners, steppers, and light weights as well as a spa and relaxation area were located in the back, yet to be enlarged by an outdoor basketball court on the roof.


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