Indika and Samanthi Samarasinghe (+94 777766356)

On 22.6 perches of land located in Rajagiriya this house opens most of its internal spaces to be as one in harmony with the marsh abutting the site.

The design embodies the traditional courtyard concept merged with contemporary surrounding spaces. An overflow water trough trickles water into a long fish pond in the centre of the courtyard reverberating the sound throughout the house thereby tying all the spaces together both visually and spiritually.

In seeking privacy the two storied house turns its back to the neighbours with high rough granite walls. Large floor to sofit sliding timber windows on the ground floor towards the marsh enable the courtyard, living and dining spaces, the garden and marsh to be undisturbed in unity.

The entrance has a feel of ceremony whereby one passes through a series of intermittent spaces all with glimpses of the marsh beyond. Majestic large doors open into a dark passage which gently guides one through the rustic courtyard to the visitor gathering spaces.

The garage and service areas interconnect with a snugly hidden stairway allowing passage to the private spaces on the upper level which has three bedrooms, toilets and a large family living space that opens to both the central courtyard below and the marsh beyond.

The master bedroom has a large open pass through changing area with cupboards on ether side leading to the bathroom. A cosy bathtub overlooks the central courtyard and on the other side completely opens out to an out shower with a view of the marsh.

The main stairway breaks rest at the family living on the first floor before continuing up to a large open roof terrace and laundry. The roof terrace is equipped with a bar and barbeque with a 180 degree view of the marsh and beyond.

Project Team:

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