Shanghai Eco-office is the first green demonstration building in China, it is also the first China Green Building certified project with three-star grading for both design and operation. It is not only a green project, but also a start for China green design. The green technology used in this building is leading at that time, for example the hot and wet separation AC system, Solar Energy Multiple-Usage System.

With nine green roof, one atrium garden and one west side vertical green, Shanghai Eco-office Demonstration Building looks full of the green. The total green area of this building is around 400sqm, which is 20% of the total floor area. Green space plays an important role on adjusting the micro-environment. Plants are always the most economy and efficient green design method.

In order to minimize the energy loss inside the building, Shanghai Eco-office Demonstration Building made great effect on the building envelope design, for example, they use insulation system (wall and roof), double glazing Low-E window, shading system, ect. After calculation and analysis, this envelope design save around 47.8% energy.

Indoor environment quality is essential for the health. Designed with the natural ventilation and day lighting, this building not only creating a conformable environment, but also reducing the energy consumption. Using non-toxic product is an important way to control the indoor pollution resource. A reliable indoor air quality test can precisely tell the healthy situation.

Project Team:

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