"Shanghai Eco-House" is built for 2010 EXPO Urban Best Practice Area. Combined with traditional and modern building language, this building mainly use the Shanghai traditional house components of gable, lane, dormer windows, ect. "Shanghai Eco-House" is an international cooperation and communication platform during the EXPO, and has been awarded with three star China Green Building label and won the first prize of 2011 China Green Building Innovation Award.

1. Land Saving and Outdoor Environment
"Shanghai Eco-House" located at the north zone of EXPO Urban Best Practice Area, taking full advantage of waste factory. Design with sinking courtyard and atrium, this building has good natural lighting at basement. Eco-house use green roof and vertical green, while 69% are green roof.

2. Energy Saving and energy usage
Based on Shanghai climate, "Shanghai Eco-House" developing a climate adapting energy-saving building envelope system. The details are: the building infill wall using Yangtze mud making brick, the insulation is inorganic thermal insulation motor, and coating with heat reflecting paint, the interior wall FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) gypsum board system, which minimize the environment impact compared with traditional gypsum board.
The building skylight uses lighting chase blinds, which could adjusts the blind direction automatically according to the sunlight. "Shanghai Eco-House" take full advantage of solar power: Using amorphous silicon thin film BIPV system for energy generation, and solar heating water system.

3. Water Saving and Water Usage
Waste water recycle system and rain water recycle system are applied in "Shanghai Eco-House" project, minimizing the water consumption from municipal water.

4. Material Saving and resource usage
"Shanghai Eco-House" recycled the bricks from Shanghai Shikumen demolition, and reused for the building facades and stair steps. All the concrete used in this project contains recycled aggregate. There are more than 32.3% recycled material used in this project.

Project Team:

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