Taipei Tower is one of the highest building around the world, and it has been the landmark for Taipei since it was built at 2004. Taipei Tower has also set up the benchmark for Asia's high-rise building. Taipei Tower was designed before LEED certification and EEWH (Taiwan green building certification), although it was highly focus on the green feature.

Taipei Tower has invested a lot into energy and water efficiency during the innovation period at 2008 to 2010. As a result, Taipei Tower saves 33.41million kilowatts in three years, which equal to 2 million dollar, and it listed as top 30% of America Energy Star high-rise Office building.

With the water efficient faucet and rain water recycling system, Taipei Tower reduce by 30% water consumption compared to the normal office, saving around 28 million liters of water every year.

Taiper Tower use low-mercury and mercury-free lamps, reducing the mercury content to 58.5, which meet the requirement of LEED standard for light mercury content (90 mercury).

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