China Potevio Shanghai Industry Park Headquarter R&D Building located in Shanghai's Fengxian District, combines a building above ground with a building mass below the grass. At the start of the design process, the building form was decided to be an irregular hexagonal shape which was chosen to help improve energy consumption. The building ground floor level is 1.8 meter lower than the outdoor grade level, the underground construction is almost covered by the grass, which provides excellent thermal insulation for the building.

A "glass chimney" is used to create a building atrium, using solar induced convection to push natural ventilation - a typical passive ventilation design. Skylights are used to illuminate the atrium and basement, improving natural day lighting.

The project not only uses passive design strategies, but also tests active energy saving technologies, such as geothermal, grey water recycling systems, and automatic shading systems. As a result, the energy consumption of this project is 80% lower than National energy standards.

Project Team:

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