Taking inspiration from the surrounding mountains and calm Spanish countryside, the beautiful Casa Leon blends a lush grass roof with an earthy palette of materials. This rural home in Leon was designed by Alberto Alarcón + Asociados to maximize results while sticking to a minuscule budget. In order to keep the house cool during Spain's hot summers, the architects oriented the project towards the south while insulating it with an expansive green roof that covers the entire 985 square foot structure.

Casa Leon consists of three airy and bright rooms joined by a single vertex. This layout makes the home’s interior spaces feel connected yet separate at the same time. Big windows offer amazing countryside views while providing enough ventilation and natural light to keep residents comfortable and cool.

The winding green roof has a waterproof drainage membrane underneath as well as an expanded polystyrene layer that keeps the building insulated, saving energy used for heating and cooling in the winter and summer. The walls were built from galvanized steel, plasterboard and expanded polystyrene. Casa Leon is an affordable, earthy and cool rural home.

Project Team:

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