The Nanshi Power Plant Renovation is located at the southern end of 2010 Shanghai EXPO's Urban Best Practice Area. Well located adjacent to the Huangpu River without neighboring buildings, this project is well suited for solar power collection and river water source heat pump technology.

After conducting a full investigation and analysis of the hydrology of the Huangpu River, the design team creatively proposed using the river water within the plant as a heat sink to run the building's heat pump. This was seamlessly integrated with the existing piping system of the Nanshi Power Plant. This system services all 150,000 square meters of the building's heat/cold source air conditioning usage, and has been designed for expansion up to 400,000 square meters.

An optical transmission system has also been applied to the building, increasing the amount of natural light that illuminates the interior. The system is composed of a sun chase panel, sun reflecting panel and light diffuser. The sun chase panel can adjust automatically according to the sun's position to transfer sunlight to the reflecting panel. After, the light is reflected to the light diffuser which delivers soft natural day lighting to the building's interior.

Project Team:

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