The SRIBS Xinzhuang Complex is SRIBS' own office building, designed by SRIBS Chief Architect Dennis Zhang. Located in the Xinzhuang District of Shanghai, the Complex connects the entire SRIBS team in one location. The project is meant to create an environment of collaboration connecting architects, engineers, planners, and researchers together. Two primary design goals drove the design development of the Complex: green design while embodying the culture of SRIBS. Mr. Zhang translated SRIBS' 7 departments into 7 forms, each with a unique cladding and rotation which reference the specialties of each and their contribution to a collective SRIBS. These forms were also influenced by the project's ecological targets. The rotation of each volume is determined according to climatic and daylighting factors. Each rotation provides nearly complete shading for the south facade and the top volume rotates into perfect alignment with the city grid, appropriately integrating the building into its site. The building rotation also creates an irregular north facade which reduces windy winter vortexes and improves micro-climates at the building's entrance. 

In general, function drove the design of the interior space, shading & daylight, ventilation system, thermal resistance, energy strategies (efficiency and renewable energy), and building reuse strategies. Mr. Zhang took several chances in pioneering one of China's earliest green buildings. Most notably, ceiling fans were installed in office areas in an attempt to reduce energy consumption. Initially questioned, this strategy has resulted in improved comfort and reduced energy consumption. Attention was also paid to detailing to influence user behavior. For example, staircases adjacent to elevators are wide, bright, and accented with well designed handrails - all of which encourages occupants to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Other low-tech (though effective) design solutions include using local deciduous vines to shade in summer and provide a season aesthetic. 


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