The Canopy is a soaring residential tower in Hong Kong in which each of the 54 luxurious duplexes are surrounded by a large private garden. Boutique Design created The Canopy in order to blur the boundary between the modern interior spaces and the dramatic natural landscapes that surround the bustling metropolis.

Each apartment has the feel of a modern-day treehouse, with luxurious interior spaces that open out onto a 525 square foot garden balcony. The designers built standardized units to minimize construction cost and to ensure that the tower can be easily replicated. Boutique Design call the gardens a “green envelope,” enabling the unusual tower to integrate with its surroundings.

Through their work the studio is exploring possibilities of renovation in Hong Kong. They say they aim “to offer a different vision for the future development of Hong Kong, more green and opened to the outside, respectful and aware of its environment.”

Source: BOUTIQUE Design
Image: BOUTIQUE Design

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