EXPO Cultural Center (Mercedes- Benz Cultural Center) located at the core area of Shanghai 2010 EXPO park. The main building is combined with two curved pieces, like a huge shell sits on the grassy base. Both top and button shells are covered with small window for natural lighting. The auditorium capacity could be adjusted into 4000 seats, 8000 seats, 12,000 seats and 18,000 seats according to different requirement.

The design of EXPO Cultural Center is followed 3R principal (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). It also utilize the Huangpu River as cool resource for air conditioning system.

The top of the building has rain water collection system, reusing the rain water for landscape irrigation and roads cleaning. Lots of technologies are used for this building, such as low energy consumption material, LED lighting, photoelectric curtain wall, river water cooling resource, pneumatic garbage recycle system, AC water and rain water reusing system, automatically irrigation system, ect, contributing to energy saving, water efficiency, indoor air quality and material reuse. This building has been awarded with China Green Building Label of three stars.

Project Team:

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