Hangzhou City is the capital of the largest province in eastern China and is situated around the picturesque West Lake. A lush green landscape and a network of waterways can be found across the city.

The growth of Hangzhou city requires a low carbon mixed-use response to urban development. This commercial, residential and retail project incorporates water as a key design element to bring landscape and natural systems into a high-density development.

The masterplan concept uses the natural flow of a river system to organize high and low density built elements including a cinema and retail complex. This concept also allows the incorporation of an existing waterway on the edge of the site, which links the project with greater Hangzhou city.

Carefully designed residential buildings with fine grain facades complement the high-rise commercial towers. A canal and boardwalk system allows visitors and residents to move around the site between public and private areas.

Source: LAV Architecture
Image: LAV Architecture

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