Commissioned by real estate company vanke to design a visitor center in china's capital, JDS architects are developing the 'beijing welcome centre' a 5000 m2 structure which will stand as a gateway exhibition gallery for a new sustainable industry park in the chinese metropolis.

the overall form is a manipulated box envelope adopted to address environmental and contextual concerns in order that it is as low tech and low cost as possible. in their first manipulations of their plan, JDS architects have made it so that the site's existing car park joins to the R&D centre, along with being accessible to the park loop. this arrangement allows the public to walk directly over the building, so that it also functions as an outdoor pathway, offering one the opportunity to experience an overview of the green space from an alternative height before descending again.

the facility's features are based on providing a sustainable piece of architecture. its undulating rooftop offers varied heights to the center which in winter block the north beijing wind, while in summer promote a cool southeast ventilation, creating a shadow to the south and moveable sun shading / solar cells to the east and west. this arrangement will allow the public to walk over the building and experience an overview of the green space from a different height, before descending. its assembly from a series of pragmatic scientific operations make the green visitor centre help promote the notion of low tech sustainability.

Source: JDS
Image: JDS

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