City of Science and Techniques featuring a permanent exhibition room, a cinema, a children’s centre, several tem- porary exhibition rooms, a convention centre, food and beverage areas and administrative services.

Located on the north-eastern side of Yuzhong peninsula, bordered by Yangze and Jialing rivers, the city of Science and Technique is one of the city’s ten major projects. At the very heart of Chongqing, on the mountainside where the historical city used to lie, this visible and legible project enhances all surrounding areas and accompanies the development of the city. It has been designed as an organic component of the city.

Gaps and perpendicular shapes truly make sense in this cultural and morphological context. They result in a style that symbolozes the rational, well-ordered features of scientific causes, as well as inventive technologies. These concepts are expressed through strong architectural elements and turn the City of Science and Technique into one of the symbols of Chongqing Municipality. The aerial tramway that crosses the river can be observed from the building. The project is situated on both sides of a stair garden that starts next to the river and goes up to the highest point of the plot. This city looks into the future and is deeply anchored in the city of Chongqing. Chongqing belongs to these infinite cities such as Paris or Venice. When visitors come back to these cities, they always find new perspectives and sceneries full of life, rythmated by «wild» geography .

This geography plays the role of lost architectural heritage and preserves the trace of the past, as well as the memory needed for the invention of future urban visions.

Source: AS Architecture Studio
Image: AS Architecture Studio

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