Edg Beijing company is a LEED gold certified office, which is designed and built by edg themselves.

The site locates at a two-storey old factory in a industrial park which built at 1960's, at the east fourth ring of Beijing. Designers keep the existing red brick facade, and convert the building into a office which meet the modern requirement.

The office use light weight materials such as steel, glass, tensioned membrane, PC panel, resulting a big visual contrast with the existing heavy brick material. The material added into this building is entirely disassembled, which could be reused if the office moved. Additionally, the electric wire is not go through the wall, avoiding the permanently fixed to the building structure.

The building area of this two-storey office is 650 sqm. The first floor is reception area, conference area, lounge are, company show room, material storage are. Most second floor is open office area, which including a printing room, library, brainstorming room and a 36 sqm outdoor platform.

The materials this project chooses are natural or without too much decoration. Recycled wood is stacked as the entrance door and partition wall of the meeting room. Recycled parchmentpaper (with designer's sketch) is used for ceiling panel of tea room. All the storage is made by wheat board, while all the flooring is bamboo flooring or 100% recycled carpet. Most material used in this office is recycled material or recyclable.

Various shapes of pendent lamp are used in the office space, avoiding monotonous feeling of the traditional office T5 lighting. There's no ceiling at the office, which make it easy for maintaining the lights. The public area only has the minimum luminance, while the woking area is complemented with desk lamp.

The courtyard has a rain water recycling pond. When the pond is full, the water will slowly flow to the lawns, saving the irrigation water.

Project Team:

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