RIGA office building locates at the center of South Royal Port, Stokholm, Sweden. The whole office is around an 6 floor height inner atrium, and the main entrance facing Waterfront Park which under planning. The ground floor of the building is shops and public service area, while other floors are office area. RIGA office building won EU 2011 Best Green Building Award, Sweden Green Building Certification and LEED Gold Certification for its green design.

Light color stone and black steel structure components are used for the whole building. Different craftwork is applied on the concrete material of the building facade,

The project starts at 2003, aiming to achieve high building quality and low energy consumption. The east facade of building use curtain wall to encourage more daylights. With intelligent lighting system, this building could automatically control the lighting with people presence sensor.

The building air conditioning system combines the natural ventilation with mechanical ventilation. Temperature and people presence sensor are used for automatically adjusted the air volume of AC system. Carbon dioxide sensor is used in the conference room, avoiding the lack of oxygen. This building also recover the waste heat which generated from the ground floor of commercial space.

Sedum green roof which is easily for maintenance is used to absorb and reduce the storm water. PV panel is also installed on the roof.

Source: SWECO
Image: SWECO

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