Rojkind Arquitectos have constructed a swirling space-age building to house the new Liverpool Department store in Huixquilucan, Mexico. The Blade Runner-like double skinned exterior echoes the congested highways and overpasses that the center lies between. Located in the thick of a highly-trafficked roadway near Mexico City, the innovative retail center invites visitors to not only shop, but it will also serve as a social and community center in the busy urban area.

The area of Interlomas, a suburban district, is so heavily trafficked with cars, that pedestrians are often not welcome on the area roadways. To combat the subsequent gas emissions and pollutants from the heavy traffic, Rojkind designed a double-layered façade. A swirl of windows let in natural light, while the polished stainless steel outer skin blocks solar gain, exhaust, and the barrage of noise caused by traffic congestion. It also creates a sleek and luminous appearance, changing appearance as the sun moves throughout the day.

At night, the shiny steel outer skin of the façade transforms from reflective to illuminated. A wall of light, in between the two skins, reveals the fine patterns in the steel façade as it peeks through the skin.

The entryway is met with an open three-storey atrium, which floods the interior floors with light. It also invites visitors into different floors of the center, giving glimpses of movement and activity within. Winding up the exterior as a series of curving backlit balconies, that eventually lead visitors to a roof garden. Spanning almost the entire roof, the garden is a tranquil elevated park. The space transcends the space from shopping center to cultural center, as the local community, in addition to Liverpool patrons, are welcome to enjoy.

Source: Rojkind
Image: Rojkind

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