The site is located in the center of the City "JingHong" ,XiSuangBanNa, which is next to 214 national highway(MengHai road),and just east of "Splashing Water" square, The location is also overlooking LanCang River in distance with open views.

XiShuangBanNa means "ideal and magical land" in ancient "Dai" language. It is famous for its tropical rain forests and customs of aboriginal people. JingHong means "the City of Dawn", which is the center of politics, economics and culture in XiShuangBanNa. The LanCang River is nicknamed " The Eastern Duna River" for its important waterway to Southeast Asian countries.

The traditional "Dai" village keeps a great balance with the natural environment in XiShuangBanNa. The boundary of every family is divided by bamboo fences or green plants. Luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods have brought people a green and lively village, The relationship between the living space and the natural environment is in a harmonous compatible symbiosis. The project transfers horizontal living spaces of the traditional "Dai" village into vertical living spaces, creating a local, natural and modern new architecture.

Introducing different and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical plants into aerial courtyards will enrich the living environment. Moreover, green courtyards within the modern building produce the micro- ecological environment for a healthy life. Grasses soften the building edge and ground while the trees and plants provide protection from the sun and wind, all while absorbing traffic sounds from streets, This also provides for good landscaping. In addition, soils act as regenerators, which help to keep heats in the room, in order to save energy.

Double height public courtyards on every two levels combine with "setback platform" design, which make public courtyards totally open and avoid the oppression from the upper level. Sufficient spaces and sunlight make sure that trees and plants have enough spaces to grow up and combine with resting places and swimming pool facilities, which enrich spatial experiences of the public courtyards. The courtyards link by the staircases to provide convenience for the user of space.

Project Team:

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