Tower of Ring is a recently-completed LED-lit spire designed by Eastern Design that rises as a glowing beacon in the middle of a popular square in Tianjin, China. With an airy structure made almost entirely out of steel casting, the Tower of Ring resembles a tower of waves that lights up the evening sky. There is no observation deck or interior structure within the tower -- inside there is just empty space.

Designed by Eastern Design and built by Kawaguchi & Engineers, the tower is situated in the center square of Tianjin City, creating striking contrasts between the stone of the square and the hollow lightness of the tower. Eastern Design calls the tower “lucid” and emphasizes the differing views that the tower will offer as the light and clouds change in the sky.

The tower is more than 200 feet tall and it is 40 feet in diameter. The exterior was created without using any straight expanses of steel, but instead by creating an undulating wave pattern that is repeated up the entire length of the tower. The tower stands in front of Tianjin’s assembly house Daireido, and as part of the cultural center of Tianjin, the tower will be used to count down into the New Year in China.

Source: Eastern Design

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