The project is ecologically regenerative and is the first RESET verified project in Asia: It has fostered an increase in biodiversity, increase in air quality, increase in water quality and an increase in carbon sequestration. This project is one of the first in China to deliberately pursue the goal of ecological regeneration: taking a contaminated site and aiming to leave it in a better condition after the project. The site originally consisted of commercial fish ponds, composed of eutrophied water contaminated with antibiotics and hormones.

The primary goal of the Master plan was to create a system where the architecture and the landscape architecture were balanced and worked as a whole - where the biological and technical parts of the project were pieces of the same puzzle. For instance, the landscape was designed to treat the discharge water from the Main house and Prototype house back up to swimming grade, while regenerating part of the biodiversity that had been stamped out decades ago.
A symbiotic goal included that of habitat creation which was achieved by carefully including many different ecological zones designed to support different communities of flora and fauna that had been indigenous to the area. These include a wetland, open water, and island for migratory birds, a meadow and a forest area.
Finally, the Master plan also includes an area for food production.


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