The furniture supplier Haworth, a true expert in office design and layout, has chosen Philips Lighting to design and install the lighting for its new showroom.

The Art Deco building was designed and built by the architect Favier around 1920 for the ironworker Edgar Brandt, and originally served as commercial premises. The building, which stands on the corner of the Boulevard Murat and the rue du Général Delestraint, is a fine example of just how well the architect and ironworker worked together, with the City of Paris awarding it a prize in 1924 for "its simplicity and its perfect taste", during a competition to determine the city's most impressive building façades."The building's highly distinctive character is primarily what makes it so special. It is both classical and ornate, just like Haworth's products themselves. The place also has a unique aesthetic power that appeals greatly to architects, designers and foreign visitors alike. It's a real 'work of art' that bears all the hallmarks of a great man and business pioneer, which perfectly matches the history and values of Haworth.

Based upon the three floors and a total surface area of 1300 m2, Philips joined forces with Haworth to light up the building's unique areas, with LED solutions being favored so as to guarantee maximum comfort for both staff and visitors while keeping energy consumption down to a minimum. The new Dynalite control systems make it quick and easy to adjust the lighting, with touch-screens being built into the furniture.

Project Team:

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