- 80% Energy saving according to GB code.
- 100% Renewable energy supply for net-zero emission.

The Zero Emission Office serves as the administration building of a Bayer MaterialScience plant in Qingdao and is the first of its kind in China developed by Bayer MaterialScience under the innovative EcoCommercial Building (ECB) Program.
The ECB Program is a global initiative to provide an all-in-one solution through collective work from Bayer and its network of building partners to meet demand in China and across the globe for creating highly efficient and cost effective commercial and public buildings.

Main features & Benefits
The ECB lighthouse is a system where the fundamental functions, such as heating & cooling, lighting, hot water and ventilation, are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology to optimize energy usage, which recycles the building’s natural resources and utilizes solar energy for minimizing carbon emissions.

The building uses 1,000 sqm of photovoltaic panels to provide solar power, generating 80.35 MWh of electricity every year. Uponor’s thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) combined with a Geothermal Source Heat Pump and an energy saving building envelope provide a pleasant room climate during all seasons. A Heat Recovery System reduces the loss of energy from the air handling unit for ventilation. This achieves 80% of heat recovery rate with technology provided by local suppliers, while electrical energy consumption is reduced greatly due to Sheenly’s LED energy-efficient lighting technology.
Polyurethane applications from Huafon Puren ensure high-performance roof, ground floor and floor insulation, which is a central component for successful energy conservation.
Hempel’s low-VOC waterborne polyurethane wall coating is essential for building protection and enhances the life cycle of the building. In addition, the floor is comfortable for walking thanks to Nature’s chemical resistant solvent free & waterborne polyurethane flooring system.


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