Haworth Organic Workspace is located at Eco City in West Nanjing Road CBD area. Eco City is One of the most sustainable buildings in Shanghai with LEED Gold status. The convenient public transprotation around the site helps reduce the pollution from private cars.

The air conditioning system, fresh air system, water recycling system, waste separation system, energy saving system of Eco City (and Haworth Organic Workspace) are all meet the requirements of LEED Gold standards. More details about Eco City will be released in GIGA project database in the near future, please stay in tune.
Followed text will focus on the lighting design and material choosing of Haworth Organic Workspace which have impact on the green design.

Lighting design
Having partnered with Philips, Haworth makes workspace a state of the art and meets LEED requirements. Philips lighting helps to generate a harmonious working environment by using color, color temperature, light level, and lighting rhythm to forge an emotional connection between people and their environment. With the occupancy sensors, the lighting in the office area automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the space, saving around 30% energy consumption. Additionally, Haworth Organic Workspace use dynalite lighting control system which can be set to different mode to meet different scenario of the events, presentation, normal meeting, ect.

Material choosing
In Haworth Organic Workspace, Hawoth prefer choosing the material with low VOC content, recyclability and/ or rapidly renewable quality. Take the Kvadrat and Interface for example, both contains low VOC, which contribute to healthy indoor air. Additionally, with glue-free installation method, Interface eliminates VOC risk in new spaces and allows for easy tile-by-tile replacement. Notably, the flooring in Haworth Organic Workspace is made from reclaimed wood taken from old houses across China. Sourcing reclaimed wood reduces the need to cut trees from already strapped forests and keeps wood out of landfills and incinerators.

Project Team:

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