Ever since the advent of mass production most of us have lost our connection with crafts and craft-people. When products were made locally the crafts-people were available to explain the culture of their goods. They were also available to gather feedback and tailor goods to their users. The products were important, but never more important than the people who used them.
COCO-MAT is one of the few companies that is exploring modern ways to once again foster this culture.
As a maker of natural mattresses, pillows, bed-linens and related furniture, COCO-MAT's culture revolves around health, particularly with respect to sleep. In a world where we have forgotten about the importance of sleep, the company felt a critical need to make sure that 'product' and 'culture' were experienced together.
For this purpose, COCO-MAT created an innovative family of hotels around its culture of health, with Nafsika as its flagship. Located in Kifissia, one of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens, the hotel chose to expresses its values through the food, the people, the context, the building and above all, the sleep experience.
The hotel is a refurbishment of an existing building, completely redesigned by COCO-MAT's in-house team. Here, the leading stars of the green refurbishment are the company's own products, which are made entirely from natural, biodegradable materials and whose implementation have been pushed to the extreme. Guests are invited to choose the pillow types and linens that best suit them, maximizing the sleep experience provided by the equally fully natural mattresses. During check-in, the process of choosing pillows and linens initiates a dialogue around the culture of sleep. Taking the hotel experience to a whole new level, the dialogue is continued during check-out... and hopefully carries on into the lives of the guests.
Beyond the culture of sleep, the hotel also seeks to introduce guests to the culture of place, weaving in everything from bicycle rides in local Kifissia to the richly patterned clay wall tiles and pendants by local artistan Penny Vlachou.
Although COCO-MAT's products are already available in China, it will soon be extending its hotels and sleep culture as well.

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