New Element Photographic Academy is a renovation project, the original site was a warehouse in King Park Art District, Beijing. The challenge of this case lies in how to realize the interior-exterior unity of the new architecture based on the old building, to transform the spatial monotony of a run-down warehouse to a trendy and artistic photographic academy while retaining the sense of history of the old structure. The final design of this renovation project does not involve drastic change of the façade of the building. Several irregularly- shaped protruding windows like some lenses focusing on the outside world seem to serve as identifications for the interior of the building. Walking through the entrance that is also irregularly-shaped, the students can either sit or lie down on the wide wooden windowsill of those protruding windows. Here, they can take a look at the view outside, have a rest or just ponder.

(source: www.gooood.hk)

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