Located on a key urban site at the former CUB Brewery, Pixel is one of Melbourne’s most significant and ambitious projects. Scoring a perfect 105 Greenstar points, Pixel is Australia’s first carbon neutral office building, generating all its own power and water on site.

The most publicly visible element is Pixel’s colourful facade. A system comprising of Living Edge perimeter planters, fixed shading louvers, double glazed window walls and solar panel shading. Creating a harmonious surface that wraps around all sides of the building, giving Pixel a vibrant and unique identity.

Scoring a perfect 105 Greenstar points, Pixel has also achieved 102 points under the US LEED rating scheme making it the highest rating building of any yet certified for LEED anywhere in the world. It is aiming to exceed the highest score yet achieved under the UK BREEAM rating system.To put that into context, there are approximately 740,000 buildings registered worldwide under those three rating schemes, and Pixel would be at the forefront of all of them.

(source: www.gooood.hk)

Project Team:

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