The idea of “the ladder leading to hope” is proposed in accordance with the specific geographic resources in the village. Currently, most hope schools are established with a unitary model in which schools are funded and sponsors contribute in a one-way manner. The rigid relationship between sponsors and sponsored children made hope schools gradually lose its vigor and social attention after experiencing excitement in the initial stage, and deviate from the original intention of “hope”. As a result, there are a number of hope schools are used otherwise as storage room or hog house due to various reasons in the operation after establishment.

This project, namely, Dazha Hope School in Longsheng Yao autonomous county, Guangxi, has its inherent advantage, that is, its tourism resources such as Longji terraces. We intend to leverage on the special resources of terraces to attract more visitors’ attention on the hope school so that the hope school can continue its hope. Therefore, we start our exploration for a new hope school model.

(source: www.gooood.hk)

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