Located in a wooded development in Hangzhoug China, the Mei Li Zhou Church was an attempt to merge seamlessly not only into the buildings surrounding nature, but also into the lives of those who live within its surrounding community. Carefully developed in coloration with TDS (Tsushima Design Studio), and our client Zhejiang Vanke, Mei Li Zhou Church was not only created for religious services, but as both a spiritual and community retreat for all of the surrounding community regardless of religious beliefs. Surrounded by nature, the Mei Li Zhou Church sits not as an object to be viewed from afar, but rather attempts to blend in naturally to its existing surroundings. While designing the church, not only was the experience and functionality of the user of great importance, but also working with environmentally low impact materials as well as minimizing damage to the existing nature were both very important to the projects success. As a result of our extensive studies in the architecture in collaboration with PLAT Design in landscape, the churches boundary blurs with the surrounding landscape, allowing for a seamless flow between building and nature.

The Mei Li Zhou Church was designed with two overwhelming themes. First the creation of a seamless flow of space between the interior spaces and nature, while the second looks at the idea of timelessness and purity.

(source: www.gooood.hk)

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